1. Child Care is limited to 20 hours a week, 7 hours a day during work week.
  2. We service children aged 12 months to 12 years of age.
  3. Children with symptoms of a communicable disease or those in quarantine due to possible exposure may not attend Kids Kingdom.
  4. Children must be fever -free (without medication) for 24 hours before coming to Kids Kingdom.
  5. Children are to remove shoes upon entering the play area.
  6. Due to licensing restrictions only staff and children attending Kids kingdom are permitted in the play area.
  7. We offer meals, snacks and drinks for purchase, or children may bring food from home (nut free).
  8. Licensing rules require that children here 3 hours or more must be offered a snack. This will be at the parents cost if no snacks were brought in.
  9. Children will be encouraged to take a nap, however, is not required.
  10. Children may not bring toys from home. An electronic device can be brought if a waiver is signed.
  11. Time out is one of the discipline strategies we use (1 minute per child’s age). Other strategies are used first.
  12. A severe behavior infraction like biting, hitting, spitting, children will be asked to be picked up.
  13. Any parent appearing intoxicated when picking up a child will be asked to provide another driver before child is released.
  14. Late charges apply for picking up children after closing time or fail to pick up before the 7-hour time limit. The fee is $5 for every 15 minutes late.
  15. We may need to contact a parent during a child’s stay. We ask that you be available to answer your cell phone if contacted.
  16. Parents are requested to give an approximate pick-up time, calls to extend child’s stay are not necessary (within 7-hour limit).
  17. If there are no children in the center, we may close 2 hours prior to closing time.